Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy busy week!

Heh heh! Finally new post is coming up! Why? Because I took Aerius + Xyzal which cause drowsiness, then I overslept and played truant. XD

So, what I did last week? I barely can remember honestly. Short term memory, ya know? Or I'm just too lazy to allocate data into memory ~_~

Last week!

Club Registration(Mon-Wed) - Hmm.. I joined fencing club, GDC(Games Development Club) and CLS(Chinese Language Society). Why fencing? Because it's a... sport and fun? GDC, half of my friends in the club are Hi-comms. So must support support la. You guys better do properly la! Last year joined as working comm, no news for meeting or whatever at all! Means no SAP points ler >.> CLS, chinese must show support to own culture ler...

Club registration only held for 3 days. So ngam in those 3 days, my class ended around 1pm, so I went over to GDC booth to 'help out' lo. Basically I did nothing la. XD I spent 90% at there to play board games. Play for 3 days continuously, sufficient to exhaust mentally. Although I did nothing, but better than some Hi-comms that didn't showed up. Exclude those that were helping out with other clubs.

Fencing practise(Wed) - I had my 1st class! At first, we learnt the basic moves. Still okay. I'm able to cope up with coach. Later on, we were assigned WEAPOOOONS! Nola... We were going to practise with the sword called Foil. It was heavy than I had expected. Your fingers and wrist need lots of strength in order to hold Foil. Very the heavy. Not kidding. XD

Fending AGM(Thurs) - I SAW refreshment!! Other than that, I saw another friend that we worked together before for an event in CLS, called Kee. Well, the AGM started a wee bit late due to have to wait for those people that were late. >.> Actually I wanted to get a position in this club, as they offered vice president, treasurer and armourers. Of cause, vice president is a no-no, as I lack of knowledge and have 0 experience. Armourers are job for boys...Treasurer! I have been dreaming to become a treasurer! I wanted to nominate myself but very paiseh. Another reason that, Kee is from FOM, definitely she's the most suitable one to become the treasurer, so in another way I give up lo... Sad but it's okay! Just concentrate in training will do. :p After that refreshment session! I had a cup of.. Coke or Root Beer? And I didn't eat egg tart... Too full T_T

CCIP performance practice(Sun) - I'm acting as a tree! Proud to be a tree seriously! Nothing much to say for the drama practice. Lots of performers didn't came at 1.30pm practice, so everything were messy. But at 7.30pm practice, everyone came! Things were moving smoothly I think. :D Good good!


Eventuality, I was sick on Sunday. But I knew that it was going to happen. The day before Sunday, I ate hotdog with strong chilli then didn't drink enough of water. Later on, I stayed overnight at friend's house. The table fan were facing me direct to my head and I was too lazy to adjust it. Sleep all the way. Until the next morning, runny nose + sore throat pain. So, I took Xyzal, Aerius and Woods. Drowsiness x3. These were the consequences la... That's why new long post is going to be published XD

In a nutshell, it was a fruitful week. Tonight is the real CCIP performance. Hope I can do it nicely, even just as a tree. Chiong arrrrRR!

*ps: Soli no pic D:

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tag #1!!

Whoosh~! Here goes my first tag, tagged by Arvin. Why is it all about love love thingy la? o.o

1.If your lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?
I have never fall into the sea of love before. I'm dull lo.

2.If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
Stay with my family forever and ever!

3.Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now?
Yup! Off to school with big smile, back to home with bigger smile~

4.Are you confused of what lies ahead of you?
What's lying ahead of me?

5.What's your ideal lover like?
Like Popeye.

6.Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Both both! Rules of equality! My family loves me and I love my family~

7. What is the one thing that pisses you off about the opposite sex?
Coward, irresponsible.
@Arvin: I'm not a reckless driver! But I almost hit others' side mirror XD

8.How far will you go for the one you love the most?
Spend more on them. (my family la... Tak ada the most! Equality!!)

9.Is there anything that makes you unhappy these days?
Of cause la.. As long as i stay in Cyberjaya, I will have to see the idiot at everywhere that I wanted to avoid the most.

10.What is your favorite fairytale of all time and why?
Hmm? Pokemon. The existence of Pikachu is stunning.

Let me tag let me tag!!
1. CFC
2. Qikuq
3. Susu-chan

Meh.. I doubt they will notice my post. They have been MIA for some time ~_~


I wonder why? Why is that some symbols couldn't be load in Firefox 3? I'm not against Firefox 3 la.. Then I tried with IE. I saw "?" instead of boxes. So... Maybe I should try to experiment it with older version of Foxiiie. But I'm lazy. That's it. Who cares about boxes anyway.

By the way, I CAN'T USE POWERWORD 2007 (software) in Foxiie 3. This is intolerable! I have to google every time, in order to check out the meaning. Troublesome.. = = What to do? On the way upgrading to 2008's. We shall know the result very soon!

What's Powerword? In short, when you hover you mouse pointer over a phrase at web-browser, a list of explanations will pop out. Nice isn't it?


PICTUREEEEEEEEES!! Pictures pictures picture!! I need more pictures in my blog, else it will be so duuuuull. Too bad.. There's something wrong with the file transfering system from phone-to-pc. By cable. Faulties.

Well well~ Let's try to solve it by buying a bluetooth device. >:D I'm not rich, but I want my blog to be colourful. I want ma life filled with colouuuuuuuurs!! :)


One more thing one more thing! Whenever a new post is published, the end of the post always closely "stick" to the next post title. So messy and hard to read! No matter how many spacings inserted, it will automatically remove the spacings and become the current situation...


Messy... Very...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Changed My Mind

Actually it's secure to voice out my opinions here as only few people know about my blog. I wrote a long long post before this and now I decided to erase it. Why? I do not wish to ruin my current lovely mood, make myself suffer mentally and it's somehow none of my business anyway but I'm linked to the issue partly.

In a nutshell, I disagree with what my friend blogged[Not in my blogging friend list]. He didn't fulfill his responsibilities yet now claiming that he was the victim. He is sooo wrong. Stop blaming others and think back what did you helped last time, before you declare such statement.

, the longer you mingle around with them, the more you will know about their "hidden" personalities.

What I'm going to do now is, to have a normal life! Which is sleep and wake up early. Do/prepare tutorials before classes. These are possible! Friends leh? Hahaha! I have no idea... :D

I'm not a bad friend anyway.. Just that me and my weird personalities make me look different. XD Call me to be my friend!. Only if you D-A-R-E! [1300-13-1300]

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Everyone should have at least one hobby, isn't it? Some love to play games, rear pets, sports, etc.. What's a hobby actually?

"A hobby is a spare-time recreational pursuit."
by Wikipedia.

"A hobby is all about hamsters la."
by Me.

Not lame lo! Hobby is about doing things that you love to do so and wouldn't mind to fork out enormous money on hobby. For an example, Me! Me just came back from Sunway Pyramid with friends and the main objective was hamster hunting. I bought odor removal and hamster food. Let's do a simple comparison between me and my so called hobby.


odor removal - RM 19.20
hamster food - RM 19.00
RM 38.20 in total


food - RM 20.60
movie - RM 12.00
RM 32.60 in total

See! Food taken were so expensive, but still consider as I spent more for my so called hobby than for myself! It's totally fine with me anyway. He's so cute and I'm willing to do anything to keep Popeye healthy and happy. :) *I wonder if he feels happy or in another way?* All hail Popeye! For the sake of cuteness!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stop blogging liao...

Nonononononoono! I wouldn't stop blogging! Blogging is good as you can see. It helps me to utilize my times er... Effectively? Unless blogging means nothing for you la. XP

Anyway, I have pictures which I would love to share. But you see la... I wonder why the stupoid phone can't transfer photos from phone memory to PC through cable. Alternatively, I tried phone-to-pc file transfer software. It doesn't work!! It was working fine before that. T_T

Mehh... Have no fate with blog perhaps? ;p No worries! There are still so many alternatives to solve this problem. Bewareeeeee!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Header + Firefox 3

Created my own header for "Hamsterism"! :) Somehow the result isn't that great as it looks blurry. Not a fine project but satisfied already la. Meh...I'm not a perfectionist. :p As long as job is done and it looks fine for me, then okay liao. XD

Comments are welcomed! (If anyone noticed my blog ~_~)


It was Download Day! I pledged but I didn't make it on time. XD Too tired to stay awake and server will be laggy la as so many people out there waiting to download Firefox 3. Sleep comes first! Okay! Before that I tried the beta version and it was good.

Features that I like:

Bookmark - Easy and fast bookmarking features. XD Nice for lazy people like me.

Speed - I believe that surfing speed is improved. Hmmm... Somehow Streamyx is very lousy recently. It takes longer time to load a single page nowadays. It is Streamyx's fault or Firefox isn't helping at all? ;p (Should be Streamyx's fault!)

Zoom - Yosh!! We can now zoom the text only while the other objects remain in their sizes. Kwel!

Feature that I dislike:

Address Bar - When you activate the drop down list, things get a wee bit complicated. It looks messy for me. Heh.

No pictures? Yea of cause! You have to experience these by yourself and can even discover other features too! Try Firefox 3 today! :D